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Road Test + Preparation

This service provides transportation and a vehicle for you to take the test. This service also includes practice which will go over Parallel Parking, K-turns and all the criteria that is covered on the road test.

*Driving School will not wait for License Process*
1 Hour Practice + Road test*

Starting at $190

2 Hour Practice + Road test*

Starting at $250

Road Test Only

This service includes transportation to and from the Road test center and a certified car. No practice of any sort will be given.

*Driving School will not wait for License Process*
Road Test*


16 Year old Program

This service is mandatory for all students under the age of 17. The service includes the purchase of the permit and 6 hours of instruction. The Driving School will collect documents and deliver them to a local DMV for processing. Once the DMV has processed the documents, they will issue a permit which will then be used for driving. The student will be taken to the DMV for a vision test which is required by law. After the 6 hours are complete, the permit will be passed on to the student who should continue supervised driving at home.


6 Hour Package (Any Days)


+ $10 DMV Fees.

Pay Per Lesson

If you have not purchased a package, you are required to pay before each lesson in cash or check. *Customers will be taken to an ATM at their own time*

2 Hour Lesson


Theory Preparation

We provide written test preparation materials. Once you have cleared the written exam, it is assumed that you are up-to-date with all the rules and regulations.

Want To Schedule Your First Lesson?

*Prices for any other location based on distance ,its extra.

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