Road Test + Preparation

This service provides transportation and a vehicle for you to take the test. This service also includes practice which will go over Parallel Parking, K-turns and all the criteria that is covered on the road test.

Road Test Only

This service includes transportation to and from the Road test center and a certified car. No practice of any sort will be given.

16 Year old Program

This service is mandatory for all students under the age of 17. The service includes the purchase of the permit and 6 hours of instruction. The Driving School will collect documents and deliver them to a local DMV for processing. Once the DMV has processed the documents, they will issue a permit which will then be used for driving. The student will be taken to the DMV for a vision test which is required by law. After the 6 hours are complete, the permit will be passed on to the student who should continue supervised driving at home. ***For students who are on a temporary visa, a trip to the DMV with the primary visa holder is mandatory and has extra costs***

Pay Per Lesson

If you have not purchased a package, you are required to pay before each lesson in cash or check. *Customers will be taken to an ATM at their own time*

Theory Preparation

We provide written test preparation materials. Once you have cleared the written exam, it is assumed that you are up-to-date with all the rules and regulations.

1 Hour Practice + Road test*


2 Hour Practice + Road test*


Road Test*


6 Hour Package


+ $10 DMV Fees.

2 Hour Lesson


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*Prices are for Kilmer and Rahway road tests only*